Everybody has loss run problems.
Loss Run Solutions delivers results.

Over half a million loss run requests completed.

Developed over the course of 15+ years and field tested on over 500,000 successfully completed commercial loss run requests, Loss Run Solutions has streamlined the way insurance does business.



Need easy access to the loss history information required to market their insurance coverage and make critical business decisions.



Want an opportunity for fair competition in the marketplace without obstruction or delays by incumbents.



Want to respond promptly to their customers' service requests, but also need to ensure that all requests are authenticated and validated as sent by their insured.

“The loss run service provided by [Loss Run Solutions] has been a game-changer for our agency. We are effectively streamlining our loss run requests more than our competitors, saving us time, money, and frustration.”

Devin Stein, Marketing Director Commercial Lines
Partners Insurance Group, Swansea, MA

Member since 2015

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Spring 2022

Image by Scott Graham