Over half a million loss runs completed.

Developed over the course of 15+ years and field tested on over 500,000 successfully completed commercial loss run requests, Loss Run Solutions has streamlined the way insurance does business.


Online Loss Run Request Builder

Our convenient online forms help you prepare requests for customers that meet all carrier requirements.


The Largest and Most Comprehensive Commercial Carrier Contact Database

We provide direct loss run department fax numbers or email addresses for all commercial carriers.


Loss Run Help Desk and Compliance Support

Our team of Loss Run Procurement Specialists will help you with anything from verifying the correct carrier of record to resolving carrier compliance issues.

“We have been using [LRS] for over three years and have been very pleased with the program. It is easy to navigate and very helpful for the accounts we are marketing to order their loss runs. It has really reduced the time it has taken to receive all of the needed loss run reports.”

Diana Jones, Marketing Coordinator
Kincaid Insurance Group, Inc., Rockport, IN

Image by Scott Graham